If you have any questions regarding our referral programme, Please do get in touch. anytime.

It is a referral programme BUT more importantly a way of rewarding people for recommending us while saving your recommendation money meaning a win all round.

1. Sign up to the Nest in Essex Five5 scheme.
2. Share your unique code EVERYWHERE (facebook, twitter, linked in etc)
3. Yours friends get 10% off our fee… thanks to you.
4. YOU get 10% of the fee… as a thank you.

Quick tip – copy your unique code onto the notes section of your phone so you always have it to hand.

on another note – some people may not be happy to receive the 10% recommendation fee. if this is the case we will nominate a charity that we will donate to instead.


– 8 of your friends and followers each month, need an estate agent. they see your post/recommendation. and contact us.
– We visit them to give free selling, letting or buying advice.

– 6 of them become clients (because when recommended we have an 80% success rate vs 50% when not).

– our average fee per client currently is £3250. your 10% = £325 (and remember, they also get 10% off our fee thanks to you).

– Multiply that by the 6 clients you helped us help, = £1,950 in your pocket… easy month right?

– Multiple that by 20 people we help thanks to you in a year = £7,000 extra per year! that’s an AMAZING holiday!

Now there is no getting away from the fact that we all spent too much time on social media, (well most of us) so why not, every time you are on there share your post. it takes less than 5 seconds… but could earn you thousands!

It’s pretty simple. some estate agents spend thousands on leaflets and newspaper adverts. we don’t. You won’t find any leaflets or junk mail from us. why? we’d rather spend thousands of pounds on ‘thank you’ payments which come out of our marketing budget. its really is free money for you. absolutely no catch. you help us. we help them. we pay you. simple.

Simple post on social media (any platform) OR we have a post you can use, to share this link along with why people should use us. then ask them to get in touch with you to get “a discount”. they message you, you then go onto this page and simply put your details, their details and leave the rest to us!

We will make contact to meet the person you have recommended and we will keep you informed of the progress. if you dont wish to be kept informed please let us know, the same if you would prefer your 10% to go to chairty, please let us know

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