Here we are going to cover some of the career information to be part of the Nest team! 

Firstly. i have to be clear. If you are looking for an employed role, you are in the wrong place.

You don’t have to have any Estate Agency experience but if you are looking to be an amazing agent, earning great money, with a ideal work/life balance with a career that works around your family life, rather then a family life working around a career. then you are in the right place! 

Let’s give you a quick bit of history. 

Nest in Essex was started back in 2014 by me, Nick Cheshire. Having worked for several independent agents I was tired of being unappreciated, overworked and undervalued. 


As a result, Nest in Essex was created. Since then I have won 7 different awards, made up on Local, national and regional awards. 

Nest in Essex was created to give me the work/life balance I was looking for, earn good money AND deliver exceptional results in a  job i truly love. 

I then decided to open the doors, teaching everything i know, to allow other people to do the same thing and become part of the team.

So what do we offer?

SO lets talk money?

Commission share for business/leads providing by Nest in Essex
Commission 35%
Commission share for business/leads generated by the partner agent
Commission 50%
Commission share for solicitor or mortgage referrals
Commission 50%

So lets put this into some real numbers! 

An average agent can achieve £120,000 per year gross income. (sales income, letting income and referral income)

lets say for example out of that £120,000 that £30,000 is income provided by Nest in Essex and £90,000 is self generated by the agent. 

that would be 
35% of £30,000 = £10,500
50% of £90,000 = £45,000
Total income for a year would be £55,500. 

plus, have complete freedom. 

Sound good?

Get in touch! 
You can speak to me by searching on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Linked in, insta – or you can email me on 

Any conversation we have, will stay strictly between me and you, and not be discussed with anyone else. 

If you need confidence, we have self employed agents enjoying the earning and freedom you can speak to, to verify everything i am saying.

I cannot stress enough. it is hard work at first. but if you are willing to work hard, have the desire to succeed and provide a better live for you and your family, you CAN do it, and i will support you every step of the way. 

BUT be aware, this is a self employed model, based on commission only. It does work, it has worked, and it’ll continue to work. the question is, do you want to be your own boss, but also feel part of a team!… a win win. 

My phone is always on, 07964343342.