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Client Success Story – Mortimer Road

So, I mega excited about this one. I mean I get excited with every success story Nest have, but this one is particularly special due to its results.

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A Three bedroom semi detached house on Mortimer Road, in Rayleigh. I am sure you will agree. It is a truly amazing property.

The property was worth £425,000.

Now, £425,000 for a three bedroom semi detached in Rayleigh is a premium price. In fact, it is a premium, premium price. You can pick up a three-bed semi-detached in Rayleigh Currently for around £340,000.

But. This one was special. The owners had taken a huge amount of care into thinking out every single aspect in the property to maximum space and light while integrating a tasteful and traditional style.

So, I am sure you can guess. We were not the only agent to value the property. In fact there was several. Why did this owner choose us? Well this is what they had to say.


We approached Nest to value our property alongside a high street agent, initially just as a tick box exercise, but we are very glad that we did!
Nick and his team provided an outstanding service with the right professionals in the right places, i.e. negotiator, photographer, writer, viewing consultant, sales progressor. Thanks to Nick’s viewing strategy, we handed the keys over to the viewing consultant at 9am and returned at 7pm with 16 viewings completed. And over the next few days, received 6 asking price or above offers! And as well as helping us to sell our property at a price we were happy with, Nick negotiated directly with the estate agents on a property that we had our eye on, helping us secure it for under asking price!
Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and competent…be it 7am or 7pm, Nick is always at the end of the phone with an update or advice. Nest’s model proves that it doesn’t take a pretty picture in a shop window to sell a house, but the right social media marketing tools…and Nick has them all up his sleeve!

So, we were instructed. Our job, to sell this amazing property for a premium price.

This had to be something thought out. It can’t be a “stick it on Rightmove and see what happens”. If you do this, you are chancing luck. The problem with luck, is the good is great, but the bad, is really bad.
So, we had a well through out plan. We needed to present this property doing it complete justice. Showing its true value and appeal. For this we needed a photographer.

And no, not an estate agent with a camera. I’m talking a professional photographer, and not just any photographers but someone who specialises in architectural photography. We briefed him on the property, and what we feel are the featured and set him to work. With some truly outstanding results.

Then. We needed a floorplan. Pretty standard right? No. so many agents miss them when they are a vital part of marketing.

Next. Description. We didn’t want the usual “Nest in Essex are pleased to present” nonsense. You know the sort, the type of description which is more of a B&Q shopping list.
We needed to build a description based around building a mental image of the lifestyle of living in Plum tree cottage. For this we used our amazing copywriter Stuart. Stuart gave the owners a call, went through everything with them, along with take some notes from our perspective and set to work. Now Stuart Is a genius, he had spent some time as a Estate Agent in the past but now spends his time writing for clients after being an English teacher for nearly as long as ive been alive! He has a way with words which not only did the client love, but I am certain complimented the photographs.

Next. Stick it on Rightmove and see what happens…… NO!

We then created a plan of action. First social media.  And no, this is not the usual stick it on the page and whoever likes the page will see it. No, we sat and worked out who the target audience is for the property. The average age range, location, even what sort of taste that person may have and then set a paid targeted advert for target these people for a couple of days.

Did it work? you bet it did. The viewings started booking in.

Then it was time to launch. On Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation simultaneously.

What happened next?

The phones went nuts. Literally nuts. Despite what image agents may give, this is unusual. To have a phone continuously ringing shows we have something truly special here. It stayed that way for 10 days. We decided as part of our viewing strategy to hold back viewings for 10 days.

Did people want to get in early? Of course, they did. Did they? No. You see there was a reason we held back for 10 days…. that reason was fairness.

Estate agents often have a bad reputation, mainly for their own doing. BUT who are we to choose who does and does not get the property. Its not for us to choose. Everyone therefore needs to have the same and fair opportunity. 

Then. The day comes.

Leigh (our amazing viewing specialist) arrives at the property at 9am. Is prepared for a day of viewings. Back to back. All day. To 7pm. 10 hours of back to back viewings.  


You would assume that with that number of viewings a property is guaranteed to sell. Not always. Thankfully, we had a plan to collect the feedback and offers. 6 offers came in. all at or above the asking price. 

We then decided one family in particular was the front runner. For various reason.

You see so many people assume that the figure offered is the only reason. However, this was a lovely family, looking to relocate to the town and settle. They were in a great position with a fantastic offer. Them three factors led to the decision, of which they are not the official (and no doubt, proud) owners of plum three cottage.

Many congratulations to the sellers. For producing such a fantastic property, but also to the buyers.

The end.

Or is it?

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