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Government’s Eat out to Help out scheme

With the announcement of the Government’s Eat out to Help out scheme, we decided to take a quick look at what establishments in Rayleigh and Hockley are available.

So what is it?

Well, basically if you use one of the registered companies for your meals on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you will receive a discount of up to £10 per person (including vat)… this includes meals and drinks that are for immediate consumption.

does that count for everywhere?

No, only selected establishments are registered for the scheme, providing the place you are getting your meal from is registered with the scheme, you can get the discount.

Does takeaways count?

from what i understand, no. its purely for food consumed onsite, i.e inside the restaurant. it’s to encourage people to get out and use the local economy as well as helping small business that would of been struggling during the lockdown period.

So who is on the scheme?

well, here is the link to take a look at who is eligible in Rayleigh and Hockley

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