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How we saved one client £45,000


Something we do on a daily basis.

You see, people often think estate agents just “sell property”… but how do they do it?

A good negotiator can be the difference of not just £100’s for you, not just £1000’s but £10,000’s.

Here is a great example.

Our client featured in a our success story recently on Mortimer Road, wanted to buy a property in Great Wheatley Road. Rayleigh.

A Victoria cottage, complete project, but in prime location.

It didn’t tick all of their boxes, BUT it is ideal for the projects they had in mind. With the creative style they implemented into Mortimer Road they could make this property something special.

But, negotiation. That will be the difference.

The property wasn’t out of budget, i.e they were looking at something they couldn’t afford. However they needed funds to make this property their home.

This is where we come in.

The property was listed at £525,000.

This was with a well-known corporate agent, the property had been on the market for some time and already had one sale fall through (which we were made aware of).

So we set to work.

Now the conversations that followed, this is the art. And naturally I cant disclose how them conversations went.


During marketing of Great Wheatley Road in Rayleigh, the Agent reduced the property from £525,000 to “offers in excess of £495,000”

This was out time to strike. We had an offer lined up over the asking price on their property.

Tactfully, we contacted the agent, one discussion let to another. Then, sale agreed.

The outcome. We management to agree £480,000.

YES, that’s right! £45,000 below the original asking price.

That’s nearly 10% of the asking price!

For years people in the UK have negotiated sales for themselves, some people are amazing at it. Others feel uncomfortable.

That is the different between your average estate agent, and Nest.

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