What we do to sell your property


Photography is so important with a listing, given that we only use 1 of our 5 senses during the online part of house hunting, we have to ensure that we make a property look as attractive as possible to possible purchasers.


Floorplans are one of the basics of marketing, a clear floorplan is a great way to show off a properties layout as well as providing vital measurements for each room.

Creative Writing

When selling a property, you are also selling the lifestyle. Our creative writer speaks to our clients to then craft a bespoke and unique description to show off all the features as well as building the ‘dream’.


Our for sales signs have been created to be bright and eye catching while keeping to our modern marketing. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of passing traffic.

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Rightmove & Zoopla

Both of these portals are the foundation of marketing, Rightmove is more dominant in Essex whereby Zoopla is more dominant in London meaning we cover all basis on potential purchasers for our properties. Plus, all the other affiliated sites ensure maximum exposure.

Premium & Featured Listings

With Rightmove Premium listing and Featured property we can gain up to 70% extra views than a standard listing. These tools are important to ensure you capture your audience and work hand in hand with our premium photography. Each one will not work without the other, so they complement each other perfectly.

Social Media

We have made social media one of our foundations with marketing. Many agents have their own “page” however, unless you ‘like’ their page you are unlikely to see their posts. We tailor each campaign to the correct audience for that property. We then launch a paid targeted campaign in order to capture the correct audience.

Accompanied Viewings

We insist on accompanying all of our viewings, generally there will be some people who prefer to do the viewings themselves, which is fine. However, we do insist to allow us to do the viewings so we can ensure to maximise every possible bit of feedback as well as build a rapport which is vital through negotiation.

One-to-One Personal Agent

From the very first meeting you will have one point of contact who will be there to alongside you throughout the entire transaction. This way you never have to explain your situation twice and your personal agent will also know the updated position of your property and ensure you are up to speed.


This is our speciality. We are not photographers which is why we allow a professional to do it, but what we are, are amazing negotiators. Which is why we are one of, if not the highest achieving agent on what we achieve on the ‘original’ asking price. We ensure we maximise your property price to allow you to be in the best position going forward.

Dedicated Sales Progression

Once you have agreed a sale, your personal agent will be assisted by a dedicated sales progressor who will speak to all parties regularly to provide you and your personal agents regular updates to ensure things move through smoothly.

Launch Weekend

As soon as a property is listed, we arrange an open weekend to capitalise on early interest and generate as many strategic viewings and offers as possible.

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