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The effect a ‘wow’ garden now has on asking prices.

I thought given the year we have had (do not worry, I’m not going to mention the C word!) that I would focus a blog on the outside spaces that we all have (or want)!

You see, I am speaking to clients daily now where ive noticed a huge shift in criteria, especially when it comes to outside spaces.

Whenever it come down to garden, I used to hear “around 60ft and south or west facing” almost daily. However, it seems that a lot of people are changing the demand and criteria here.

Lately, people have not been so specific instead just appreciating outside space for what it is, space outside.

I guess with the nationwide lockdown, those without outside spaces like flats, were confined to the space indoors with just an hour a day to take a walk. Local parks were not available and during the beautiful summer we had, relaxing on the grass during the afternoon was missed. If they worked from home, there was no break or relaxing space to escape to for 10 mins unless you wanted to put your trainers on and go for a walk! Not ideal if your like me and enjoy just sitting in the garden with a cup of tea!

Now the garden seems to be the focus. People are not worried so much about how big, or what facing, but more about “what is it like”.

Due to this, I have noticed a trend of post-lockdown prices being achieved on properties that we are selling with ‘wow’ gardens.

I can already hear you “what is a wow garden” ….now, I am not talking about size!

I am talking about a garden where you walk into it and say “wow” … not just a flat bit of grass and fence panels painted in the usual 50 shades of brown.

A well designed and planned out garden can literally add thousands of pounds of profit onto the value of your home. Whereby a boring or standard garden can be a bit of a hinderance now.

I think given most companies/businesses are making “homeworking” a ‘new’ normal, people are now looking at working from home on a longer-term basis. With that in mind a study is proving to be equally as important but now people are looking at this outside space as the escape from work, and escape from the house to relax for an hour’s lunch, or just to enjoy at the weekend.

I was fortunate enough to meet with a garden designer recently (no, they don’t cost thousands!) who works with clients to improve the space they already have, with all types of budgets, from those looking just to spruce up what they already have through to complete overhauls. (if you want to be put in touch please drop me an email on ) and I will happily put you in touch.

The point of this post is, if you are thinking of selling, either now or in the foreseeable future, then I would consider this outside space a goldmine regarding squeezing value out of your home. Or just enjoying and appreciating the space more.

Instead of looking at the garden as a headache, look at it as an investment, invest the money wisely in the right design, and the right look not only can you enjoy it now, but when the day of the ‘for sale’ board comes, you will see a return!

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