we have 3,370 registered buyers currently!

Have you ever heard the cliché “we have buyers waiting” or “properties required” from Estate Agents?

The chances are, you have.

The chances are, they are part of a marketing strategy.

However, no numbers are provided. Right?

Well, to show that this is not a marketing strategy, we currently have 3,370 buyers registered on our CRM looking for properties around the SS postcodes.

What are they looking for? Well, the truth is they are looking for 1 bed properties up to 6 bed properties. From £100,000 to £1.3million.

That is our total register to date. So how many of them are looking for your type of property? Well, pop in your details below and one of our agents will search the criteria of your home and come back to you with a figure on how many of those are looking for your type of property.

no sales pitch, no trying to win business, no marketing, just a figure so you know the demand for your home right now.

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