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I am very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge Belén has shown me.
by Rita Roy
Home buyer
She knows the real estate market well and has helped me in so many ways
by John Siy
Home owner
I am a real estate agent who has known Belén. Her professionalism and honesty is unmatched
by Kalye Moore
Real Estate Agent

Rental and Property Management Services.

Welcome to Nest in Essex Rental and Property Management Services. Founded in 2014 by Nicholas Cheshire, our focus has always been on providing a service that’s customised to the unique needs of each client. We understand that in the world of property management, no two clients are the same, so we make a point of understanding your specific needs and tailoring our services accordingly.

We offer an array of letting packages, each meticulously designed to provide the utmost care for your property. We take on the burden of management, ensuring everything runs smoothly, so you don’t have to.

You may wonder why we don’t advertise our Rental and Management services more widely. The reason is simple: we value quality over quantity. To maintain our high service standards and personal touch, we limit the size of our property portfolio. We believe that if we manage too many properties at once, we risk losing the personal connection and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. We are committed to ensuring that our clients never feel like just another number in our books.

So, if you’re interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through our website or via a personal recommendation. By managing our portfolio carefully, we ensure that our high service standards and personal touch are never compromised

Let’s talk about Jo.

She’s been using Nest in Essex for about five years now, and she’s got quite a story to tell. Jo’s time with us has been filled with great experiences, a testament to the quality of service we strive for. Jo has seen first-hand how hard our team works to keep tenants happy, to resolve issues quickly, and to keep properties in tip-top shape. And Jo’s journey doesn’t stop at being a Landlord. She’s recommended us to others, sold a property, and even bought a new one, all with the help of our team. But don’t just take it from us. Here’s Jo herself sharing her thoughts on her experiences with the Nest team in this short video.

Different Packages.

Nest in Essex provides a variety of packages to meet different landlord needs. The ‘let only’ package includes services like property listing, accompanied viewings, tenant screening, and more, great for landlords who like hands-on management. For those who prefer to step back, our ‘management’ packages provide added services like routine inspections, around-the-clock repair service, rent collection, and even full rental protection. It’s all about offering the level of support each landlord needs to keep their property in top shape and their investment secure, so if you dont see the service your looking for, simply reach out as we can tailor and custom most of our packages to suit the needs of our clients.

Switching Letting Agents?

Are you considering switching your property management to us from another letting agency? At Nest in Essex, we completely understand that it can feel awkward or even a bit daunting. In fact, sometimes landlords can be hesitant to make the switch simply to avoid that awkward conversation. But rest assured, our team is here to smooth out the entire process. All you need to do is send us one email. From that point on, we’ll handle everything else – from checking your current contract terms to communicating with your current agency. We aim to make the switch seamless and stress-free for you, with minimal disruption to your tenants or income. Let us take care of the details so you don’t have to

What plan suits you ?

Every Landlord is different, and as such each require a different level of service. We offer a let only package, along with 3 different types of management.


Tenant Search

£900 +VAT

  • £1080 including VAT
  • Listing on a property portal
  • Social media listing
  • accompanied viewings
  • Full tenant referencing
  • Landlord referencing
  • Employment checks
  • Credit checks
  • Right to rent checks
  • Anti-money laundering checks
  • Tenancy preparation
  • Basic Check-in

Rent Collection

6% +VAT

  • 7.2% including VAT
  • Let only reduced by £380 including VAT
  • Rent Collection each month
  • Monthly statements provided
  • Late payment chasing
  • Deposit registration
  • Inventory

Full Management

10% +VAT

  • 12% including VAT
  • All inc within ‘Rent Collection’ plus
  • 6 Monthly inspections
  • Tenancy renewals handled
  • 24 hour repair line
  • Repair quote arrangement
  • Deposit registration
  • All certificates arranged

12.5% +VAT

Full Management + Rental Insurance

  • 15% including VAT
  • All of Rent Collection & Full Management plus
  • 100% rental protection
  • Covered for £50,000
  • Legal Cover
  • 3 monthly inspections

Rental Guarantee

At Nest in Essex, we offer landlords full 100% income protection to safeguard against worst-case scenarios. Our comprehensive solution ensures that even in the event of tenant defaults, landlords will receive their rent on time every month, guaranteed. Our coverage extends up to vacant possession, even beyond the end of tenancy agreements, and includes up to £50,000 for rent arrears and legal expenses. Additionally, we handle the entire eviction process, if necessary, relieving landlords of the stress and complexities involved. With Nest in Essex, landlords can enjoy peace of mind knowing their investment is secure and protected. (*T&C’s Apply – please contact us for a copy of these). 


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Landlords Nest Feature:

One of the unique features we offer is the Landlords Nest, where landlords receive updates on legislative changes, tips, good buy-to-let opportunities, and other helpful information via WhatsApp for free. This feature is designed to keep landlords well-informed and aid them in making the best decisions for their property investments (and this is for everyone! so you don’t have to be a client to benefit! – Simply click the button below to register).

Quality Marketing – No Extra Charge

We’re all about providing value, and that means offering exceptional marketing for your property without adding extra charges. Professional photography with meticulous editing, breathtaking drone shots, captivating video adverts, tailored descriptions for each property… the list goes on. All of these high-quality, attention-grabbing marketing tools are included in your package when you work with us. We don’t offer “basic” or “luxury” tiers here – with us, it’s all or nothing.

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