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Hi there!

We’re delighted you’ve stumbled onto this page – clearly, you’re looking for a home-selling experience that isn’t just ‘good enough’, but truly exceptional. One that doesn’t just fulfil your expectations, but leaves you feeling valued and satisfied. Well, you’re in the right place. Allow us to explain why.

We’re a Family

We don’t just mean that in the metaphorical sense (though we are very much a tight-knit team). The Business Started because of a family, that family has just grown with the Nest Team and We view our clients as an extension of our family. You’re not just another transaction to us – you’re part of the clan. We’ll take care of you and your home as if you were one our very own.

Unchallenged Advice

With us, you won’t get sugar-coated half-truths or sweet nothings whispered in your ear just to make a sale. We tell it like it is, because we believe that’s what family does. Our advice comes from a place of knowledge, experience, and most importantly, honesty. It’s unvarnished, it’s always backed up with research and evidence, it’s real, and we’re confident you won’t find its equal anywhere else.

Quality Marketing – No Extra Charge

We’re all about providing value, and that means offering exceptional marketing for your property without adding extra charges. Professional photography with meticulous editing, breathtaking drone shots, captivating video adverts, tailored descriptions for each property… the list goes on. All of these high-quality, attention-grabbing marketing tools are included in your package when you work with us. We don’t offer “basic” or “luxury” tiers here – with us, it’s all or nothing.

A Tried and Tested Plan

We’ve got a strategy for every situation, and a plan for every scenario. We’ve navigated this process countless times, and we know exactly how to optimize every step to deliver the best possible outcome for you. Think of us as your personal real estate GPS.

Your Personal Agent

Say goodbye to being shuffled around from one agent to another. With us, you get your very own dedicated professional who’ll be there for you from start to finish. 7 days a week. You need them, they are there. You’ll even have their personal mobile number for any queries or concerns (no work mobiles here!). This ensures consistency, accountability, and no broken promises. After all, we’re family – and family doesn’t let each other down.

No Contract Tie-ins or Notice Periods

We have such faith in our service that we don’t feel the need to tie you into a contract. While other agents might insist on a 6-24 week contract term and notice periods on top of that, we offer a zero week contract with no notice period. You’re always in control, and if you ever feel we’re not the right fit for you, you can walk away without a fuss. (it’s our job to make sure your happy and don’t want to!).

WhatsApp Communication.

Selling your property can be overwhelming, but with us, you’ll never feel alone. Our dedicated WhatsApp group provides constant support, ensuring you have assistance throughout the transaction.

Forget about lengthy phone calls or worrying about when to reach out. Our WhatsApp channel is designed for easy communication, allowing you to ask any questions, no matter how small or seemingly silly, without hesitation.

Day or night, our team is there for you. With hassle-free communication through WhatsApp, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dedicated agent is just a message away, ready to provide guidance and support.

Transparent Fees

We believe in transparency – especially when it comes to fees. That’s why you’ll find ours displayed proudly on our website, clear as a summer’s day. They include everything needed to sell your property, making them as easy to understand as a favourite recipe. There are no extras, no bolt-ons, and no hidden costs lurking in the fine print.

Now, we’re not going to beat around the bush here – will we be the cheapest fee on the market? Absolutely not. But are we the best value? We believe we absolutely are.

Why? Because we understand that the ‘cheapest’ agent isn’t the one with the lowest fee. The cheapest agent is the one who ensures you move forward with the most money in your pocket at the end of the day. That’s the agent who brings the most value to the table. And that’s us.
So, yes, our fees might be a little more than some others. But we provide a service that goes above and beyond, delivering an experience and a result that more than justify the cost. After all, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. And with us, you’re paying for excellence.

Now, much like the famous Colonel with his secret 11 herbs and spices, we’re not about to spill all our secrets on the internet. This is just the beginning of what we can offer. We don’t say this with arrogance, but with confidence. There’s a reason we’ve won Best Estate Agent three of the past five years, Best Estate Agent in Rayleigh, 2nd place in the southeast for Lettings, and several national Best Estate Agent awards… it’s not coincidence, it’s dedication.

We’re not superheroes, we don’t have magic powers, we’re just incredibly passionate about what we do, and we obsess over how we deliver it.

We offer more than just a service – we offer everything, all centered around our core values which are: Family, Flexibility, Creativity, Transparency, and Value.

So, are you ready to book a valuation with one of our agents? We promise, it’ll be unlike any Estate Agency experience you’ve ever had before and we’ll welcome you to our family!
And remember, this page is just the tip of the iceberg. Like an award-winning author, we’ve got a lot more chapters to our story. After all, there’s a reason why we have a shelf full of accolades. We’re not saying we’re the best…actually…. we kind of are… But we say it with a ‘wink and a nudge’, because we’re more interested in showing you our value than just telling you about it.
So, let’s book a date for a valuation. We’re ready when you are. And we can’t wait to show you the difference our little obsession can make.

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